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"The Mammoth Switch Adjustable DB.
This is an amazing piece of equipment. They are very well balanced, easy to adjust and go up in increments that make them very versatile!!!
They look and feel like a regular DB. Unlike some of the other adjustable DB I have seen. 5lbs looks like 5lbs 50lbs looks like 50lbs.
Great precision.
I Would recommend to anyone looking for home fitness equipement and would include as part of my next gym build equipment list. It is ideal for home or commercial use"

Derrell Levy CSCS, BSc, S.S
Founder and Creator
In-Tech High Performance Training

Mammoth BURN

Compact design
ideal for home use
. (with / out optional colour coded weight display indexing)

Mammoth BURN

SWiTCH ORIGINAL 4 lbs-70.5lbs (2Kg-32Kg)
v2 SWiTCH - 5lbs-80lbs (2.26Kg-36Kg)

without the clutter of extra plates

Mammoth BURN

Dial in the desired weight
quick change around

Mammoth BURN

Cradle included
securely store after use

MAMMOTH SWITCH Adjustable Dumbbell Weights System utilizes cutting-edge Switch-Lock technology.
Smooth and easy TURN CLICK AND SWITCH weight adjustments from 5Lbs (2.26Kg) to a Mammoth 80 Lbs (36Kg). The set Includes x2 dumbbells with EZ-Switch weight adjustments and Switch-Lock Technology allowing you to change the weight setting quickly and easily with 1 hand and a slight twist of the wrist. Simply set the dumbbell in the cradle, twist the handle, and weight change quickly and safely. Slide out for use and slide into cradle when finished your sets.
• Textured handle with secure old-school grip control.
• A compact design that allows you to store and use dumbbells at home while still getting a true dumbbell feel.
• SWITCH eliminates trips to the weight rack which take up excess space.
• Perfect for creating your own weightlifting station at home.
• With Kg to Lb with colour coded conversion for quick and easy reference.

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